Parent Meeting

Parent Meeting

Parent meetings for the new season will be on Sunday, June 4, at the Pettit. Meeting times are based on team assignments (which you’ll have prior to June 4):

  • Beginner 1 and Beginner 2
  • Preliminary and Pre-Juvenile
  • Open Juvenile and Intermediate

Don’t forget! The WFSC Banquet is also on June 4 at 4:00pm.

Voting for the New Board of Directors

Please cast your vote for WI Edge Board President and Vice-President. Electronic voting will be open until 5pm on Monday and it’s SUPER EASY. Everyone should have received an email from the administrator of the voting website with your unique electronic voting code (check your spam and junk mail folders!). If you didn’t receive one, please contact Mike Wentz at Each family gets one vote per skater.

The following candidate statements were sent last week for your review:

Christine Lichtensteiger

Chad Oldfather
Mickie Pearsall

Red White and Blades

Registration for Red White and Blades

Plans are under way for our 42nd annual ice show, Red, White and Blades.  Coaches will soon be selecting their music and designing their routines.

Sign up now


Red White and Blades Info / Registration

It's time to register for Red, White, and Blades if you haven't done so already.  
There are 3 options for registration.  Here's what you need to know:

SYNCHRO ONLY: All synchro skaters need to register for Red, White, and Blades.  However, you should only register as "synchro only" if your skater is NOT skating in any other numbers.  The "synchro only" fee is $30, which includes a commemorative t-shirt and dinner during the dress rehearsal.  For Synchro Only, follow the link for show registration and choose 
"WI Edge Synchro Number Only" for the fee type.

LEARN TO SKATE: If your skater has NOT passed any Moves In the Field (MIF) tests, they can still skate in the "Learn to Skate" number.  This would be in addition to the synchro number.  If you plan to register for the Learn to Skate number, you do NOT need to register as "synchro only."  The Learn to Skate registration is handled separately and the registration deadline is March 26.   Click here for Learn to Skate registration.

ADDITIONAL NUMBERS: If your skater has passed one or more MIF tests, they have the opportunity to skate in additional numbers based on which tests they have passed.  If you register to skate in an additional number, you do NOT need to register as "synchro only."  Click here to register for additional numbers.


Admirals Game

Cheer for WI Edge
AND the Milwaukee Admirals!

Come cheer on our Intermediate team as they skate at a Milwaukee Admirals hockey game on Sunday, March 19, 5:00pm, at UWM Panther Arena.

We also have a very special surprise!

Someone from WI Edge will participate in the Human Hockey Puck game between periods 2 & 3. You must come to find out who the lucky person is!

So now you’re thinking … This is SUPER COOL! How do I get tickets?

Louise Loy, one of our Intermediate team leads, is organizing group ticket sales for the event. Tickets are $14 each.

Please email, text (262-705-9192) or IM Louise by March 7 to tell her how many tickets you wish to purchase.

Tickets will be distributed during Intermediate practice on March 18 (10:30am-1:15pm). If you cannot get to the Pettit during this time, Louise will meet you before the Admirals game.

Questions? Contact Intermediate team lead, Louise Loy.